Proud to be a WordPress Developer

I’ve been a web-tinkerer since I was just a highschool student. My first website consisted of a handful of static HTML pages where I hosted videos that I had produced for an A/V class I had taken as a plucky teenager. This was just before the advent of YouTube, so I went to the painstaking lengths of importing my videos to, what was known at the time as Macromedia Flash, and then exporting the final product as an .swf file. The pixelated quality barely made it possible to discern what was happening, but my sense of pride and accomplishment was palpable, and I’ll forever be grateful for the experience.

So why the trip down memory lane, and why would anyone put on full display their own fossilized internet carbon-date?

The thing I love most about the internet is how much it has changed, both the world and itself! As a teenager I mostly used the net to watch ridiculous videos and post my videos and art on various platforms, including my own website. Well… perhaps some things will never change.

But here we are in a time when information has never been so accessible, and information overload may as well be a formal diagnosis. This is why I couldn’t be happier to have the power of WordPress at my fingertips. I recently read a figure that at least 28% of websites are powered by this amazing platform. I think that even my 17 year old self, bless her heart, could be appreciative of the sheer awesomeness that WordPress provides.

As a kid, I had heard of this magical programming language called PHP, and had even seen a few lines of example code. At the time, I was just wrapping my head around HTML thanks to and a For Dummies guide, so I automatically assumed that the only people capable of parsing PHP were Computer Science PhD candidates at MIT. Lucky for me, as I grew professionally, I found out that with a little effort, even I could wield it’s might!

With WordPress and it’s ever growing base of developers and users, not to mention it’s implimentation of the Rest API, it’s never been a better time to be a Web Developer! It seems like every day I learn something new and powerful about this truly expandable CMS! Where once my websites consisted of static HTML pages that required me to update regularly by opening up my text editor and manually inputting whatever new content I wanted to share, I am now able to do so using a much more simple back-end interface. What’s more, I am able to provide this experience to clients who don’t have time to learn code.

Combined with a simple-to-use interface, and the power of PHP, WordPress allows users to get the maximum output for any content that they upload to their website. Using just a few tricks to customize their back-end experience, they can upload content once and it can be presented in any number of ways whether it’s directly on their site, or being shared to social media accounts.

I’m so excited to offer my skills to anyone looking for a truly optimized experience when using their website to communicate on the net. WordPress offers everything you could possibly need to get your message to your audience, and I would be proud to help you get the most out of this wonderful tool!

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